LightMe! is a graduation project by product designer Panni Pais made at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest. The design is a three-piece lamp family, which due to their numerous possibilities for variation fulfil a number of different functions as lighting objects. The forms of the collection were inspired by a bunch of kindling-wood used when setting fire. That traditional image was translated into a language of today’s functional objects.   

Owing to the unique design of their legs, the individual pieces of the collection each represents an individual character and they endorse a variety of functions accordingly.
The name of the one having the shortest legs is Buddy – referring to underdeveloped shoots of plants and of course to being your good friend at the same time. Woody’s name – being the most whimsical of the three with odd legs –, comes from wood, and associates with the likewise eccentric character of Woody Allen. The third wooden lighting piece has the thinnest and longest legs, and therefore bares the name of Twiggy – beside referring to wooden twigs, the name itself is well-known of former British super model, Lesley Lawson.
The design of the legs influences the modes of different uses – we may hang them on door handles, sit them on tables, lay them on shelf edges or even stuck them into the ground outdoors in our garden. Next to the possibility of a varied use in space, we may manipulate the luminary affect of each object by turning its light source set within a plexi tube. The source of light is an LED strip, which works via both an electric cable or power batteries, thus making it easier for us to move the lamps and to pile them indoors or outdoors around the house.

Packaging is an important part of the design, the symbolic story of setting fire starts there. We may pull out the wooden lighting pieces – bound by their own cables – from a simple, labelled paper cylinder much like we would do with a bunch of kindling-wood. As soon as the pieces are assembled and turned on, each wooden piece becomes a glowing branch itself.

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